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Commissioning Services

New Building Commissioning Cx

Building commissioning ensures any new building will begin its life cycle at optimal productivity, comfort and safety, while improving energy efficiency. It facilitates and makes sure the required communication, coordination, testing and verification for  all critical building systems take place. Effective commissioning is an intentional, visible, cooperative and proactive process. It includes design review, installation verification, system start-ups, functional performance tests, operations and maintenance training, and complete documentation of all essential building systems. Post construction, it will enable the building maintenance staff to have the baseline requirement for continued optimum building systems performance, throughout a facility’s life cycle.


Re- and Retro Commissioning RCx

Re-commissioning is the process through which buildings are commissioned at some time after their initial completion and occupancy. Re-commissioning checks to ensure that building systems are still functioning as originally designed and to identify where periodic operating procedure changes, control system failures or changes in use have affected building systems performance for previously commissioned buildings. Closely related to re-commissioning is retro-commissioning which is the commissioning buildings that have not been commissioned at the time of construction. Retro- commissioning may also include proposing and implementing alterations to the existing building systems to achieve higher performance or energy efficiency.

Monitor based Commissioning MBCx

A process to improve the operation of buildings with an emphasis on using meter-level or system-level data analysis to identify opportunities for improvements  The MBCx process may include initially bringing the building systems up to the owner’s operating requirements through an existing building commissioning process. Once the intended operational conditions have been established, ongoing commissioning identifies and corrects degrading performance over time.

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