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Building System Information

Building owners are looking at building systems as a source of information that can be explored to provide operators and managers of the facility with intelligence about the use and efficiency of the space they manage. Most systems installed into a facility today provide IOT capabilities. Some are limited to remote services and diagnostics only but most can also provide information usable for other purposes by the building owner.

A lighting or access control system can provide information on the utilization of the space over time. Such information can be used to better utilize existing spaces or add new spaces of a certain type if the utilization indicates a high or low use of a certain space type. In many cases the information is already available on some building systems, but it is not collected or presented in a way that would allow the owner to draw meaningful conclusions.

Developing custom KPI’s with corresponding dashboards enables the owner to use such information to make better business decisions, providing the tenants with an improved working environment.


Building Systems Integration

With over 25 years of systems integration experience, we can help any client devise a strategy to integrate different vendors or product platforms into one homogeneous enterprise system, allowing the owner to capitalize on the existing systems or bringing existing legacy solutions into a current framework without losing critical functionality. We keep current on new technologies such as wireless and other current and emerging communications standards to provide future proof solutions to our clients.